CLARKS Custom Craftsmen signs


Hello. Thanks again for your recent order. Attached you will notice a layout for your sign idea. Let me know what you think. Keep in mind monitors vary GREATLY in the way they display colors. If an exact color match is needed, samples can be mailed right out. Once we get the final go ahead your signs will mail within 1 working day. If you have any questions let me know.  

Thanks, Toby    

Size14 inches by 24 inches Set of 2 Magnetics; Colorsred / navy blue; Desired Fonts and Textconstantine CLARK’S Custom Craftsmen 630 936 3976 Kitchens/baths/Carpentry Handyman Services navy blue boarder/frame with CLARK’S in red and 630 936 3976 in red. all other lettering in blue.Center CLARK’S at the top with custom craftsmen centered under then center 630 936 3976 under phone number center kitchens/baths/carpentry then last line centered Handyman Services.


Click image for a larger view.


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