Hello. Thanks again for your recent order. Attached you will find a layout for your sign idea. Let me know what you think.
Keep in mind monitors vary GREATLY in the way they display colors. If an exact color match is needed, samples can be mailed right out. If you have any ideas, changes, or suggestions let me know and I’ll send another layout.
Once we get the final ‘go ahead’ your signs will mail within 1 working day.


Sign Details: Size12 inches by 20 inches Set of 2 Magnetics; Colors Blue; Desired Fonts and TextFontAlexis Like this KANG TRUCKING CO. MC# 569530 USDOT# 1526952 GW: 80,000 The whole thing is in ALexis font and in the color blue. The background should be white. (Magnetic Sign)

Shown against a gray background. The first layout uses a border with a similar theme as the font selected. The second layout allows slightly bigger letters, but has a more traditional border.



Click image for a larger view.


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