Pristine Clean lettering


Hello. Thanks again for your recent order. Attached you will notice a layout for your truck lettering idea. Let me know what you think.

The first layout is as described in your order. You’ll notice that, at the height requested, the lettering has to be squeezed to fit the 26″ width limit (at normal spacing the sign would be 76″ long at the letter height requested). The second layout uses the 24×26 size as a template and the size requested as a proportional guide. Again, let me know what you think.. Keep in mind monitors vary GREATLY in the way they display colors.. If an exact color match is needed, samples can be mailed right out. Once we get the final go ahead your signs will mail within 1 working day. If you have any questions let me know.

Thanks, Toby

Type of Lettering Custom Truck Lettering; Size 24×26; Colors Teal; Desired Fonts and Text Pristine Clean TM (Arial Bold; 6 inches high) Professional Pressure Cleaning (Times New Roman; 4 inches high) 863-797-6130 (Arial Bold; 6 inches high) The “t” in Pristine is actually a cross symbol comprised of three vertical lines close together and three horizontal lines close together for the t-bar. The “TM” after Clean is superscript for a trademark. Include a 4-inch ichthys symbol in the line above the phone number. Keep a 2-inch border between lines.



Click image for a larger view.


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