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Hello. Thanks again for your recent order. Attached you will find a couple layouts for your truck lettering idea. Let me know what you think.
Keep in mind monitors vary GREATLY in the way they display colors. If an exact color match is needed, samples can be mailed right out. If you have any ideas, changes, or suggestions let me know and I’ll send another layout. I did not know the truck color, so I guessed a bit on the truck color (I used a dark blue). But this should work for layout approval. If you have any questions let me know.
Once we get the final ‘go ahead’ your lettering will mail within 2 working days.


Sign Details: Custom Truck Lettering; Size36X20; Colors White; Desired Fonts and Text Mono type Corsira Fonts if possible if not Zapf Chancery is the closest to are logo R Desert Studio Blinds – Draperies Stined Glass – Pottery Winnemucca NV. 623-4787 Are logo is the font so If you can do Momo Type Corsira it would be the best Thank you 36 is the width and 20 ts the height




Click image for a larger view.


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