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Boat Decals. It’s just a series of boring numbers you put up on each side of the boat as required by law, right? WRONG.

You are required, by law, to display the registration number of your boat in the form of a boat decal or something else that can be seen from a reasonable distance. But instead of just placing a boat decal with your boat number on it, why not go for something creative, something unique,something that is completely…YOU!

Expressing yourself with boat decal

Our boat decal graphics won’t be a disappointment at all – that’s what we know FOR SURE! We have a wide range of ready-to-use professionally designed boat decal graphics, fonts, sizes, color options and text decoration that you can select through our Online Decal Maker. Don’t believe it’s easy to use? Here, give it a test run…..

ONLY PREMIUM QUALITY BOAT DECALS, no compromise on that and that’s our promise to you….

Our boat decals are made from high performance cast PVC film with special low intialtac adhesive that allows repositioning. That means, even if you’ve made a mistake while installing the boat decal, no worries, you can easily reposition it. 

Isn’t the boat decal flimsy or will the boat decal fall off or worse yet….PEEL off?


Our boat decals are made from such top-of-the-line premium quality materials that the boat decals can be expected to stay in place in near perfect condition for AT LEAST 7 years! And you don’t even have to perform any special maintenance routine or anything. Now, tell us THAT isn’t easy….

Our boat decals are of LEGAL SIZE….we’ll make sure it is!

The law requires that all boat decals with boar registration numbers on it should be no less than 3 inches in height. And boat decals normally come in pairs, one for each side of the boat. This is the law and we don’t intend to flout it. And this is how we sell our boat decals. 

In fact, we have a full detailed document about boat decals here. And if you’re still unsure, don’t worry about it, we will help you make changes to your boat decal until the boat decal is as required by the law. 

Boat decals are not just boat decals…that’s boring….and we’re NOT.

Our made-of-vinyl boat decals can be designed with funky, cool, creative fonts and images or cartoons you like and used on cars, boats, for business, as advertisements, for motorcycles, helmets, snowmobiles, vans, TVs, trailers, personal watercrafts, planes and much, much more. 

We are sure you can think up of some pretty CREATIVE WAYS to use your boat decal. 

Start Designing Your Boat Registration Numbers Here




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