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Installation Instructions
For Graphic Stripes
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1.  Clean the paint with a strong glass cleaner
2.  Be sure paint is both clean and dry
3.  Tape graphic EXACTLY where you want it to go
4.  "Hinge" the middle of the graphic with masking tape
5.  Fold half the graphic back onto itself at the "hinge"
6.  Remove wax backing - exposing the adhesive
7.  Cut wax backing off
8.  Squeegee graphic - from the "hinge" outward. Be careful not to leave behind air pockets (bubbles)!
9.  Remove "hinge"
10.  Fold the other half of  the graphic back onto itself 
11.  Remove wax backing - exposing the adhesive
12.  Be sure adhesive does not touch itself
13.  Squeegee graphic - from the center outward. Be careful not to leave behind air pockets (bubbles)!
14.  Remove masking
15.  Trim excess from door joints - careful to cut straight and not to deep
16.  Size up where the second color goes - if applicable
17.  "Register" the graphic - look through the transparent mask to be sure it lines up
18.  Squeegee and remove mask
- Be Proud -
You did it!



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