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Attached you will find several layouts for your lettering project. Let me know which layout you like. If you have any ideas, changes, or suggestions let me know and I'll send another layout.

Keep in mind monitors vary greatly in how they show colors. Plus metallic silver and metallic gold are impossible to show on a monitor. Use the designs for layout purposes only.

Once we get the final 'go ahead' your truck lettering will mail within 2 working days.

Customers Reply
WOW they look good. I like deeana5.gif. The tree and the layout is nice, I will show Robert it. Could you send me that same design with different fonts for comparison

Attached you will find a layout for your lettering idea. Let me know what you think
The lettering NETWORK has been added.

As far as size goes. Just like everything else we do, it's truely custom. In fact this was the next/final question. What overall size do you want the lettering?

Pricing is based on: up to 14x28 (each side)
However this can be a bit large for a small truck. We like to leave this up to the customer (go out and measure how tall you want the overall height to be - usually plenty of length available - and let us know) or you can leave it up to us (normal size: 10x25)

As far as individual letter height. This is where many customers frustrate themselves, or force a tight design. At 10x25, rbconsulting is: 2.6" tall. Of course we can alter the OVERALL design size to fit your needs. But if you want to adjust specific lines to be larger, this can easily alter the look and flow of the design.

Again, let me know what you think about the last layout. Also let me know the overall size for your lettering (if possible). Once we get your final 'go ahead' your lettering will mail within 2 working days.