I keep calling and can't get through on your phone. Why?

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                         I keep calling and can't get through on your phone. Why?
If you can't get through, leave a message. We'll get right back with you. However since we are predominantly an Internet company, all initial contact is through email.

Also, it is good to note, we do not take phone orders. Many good reasons for this.

The number one reason is accuracy. When taking an order on the phone there are many opportunities for errors to creep into the order. For instance, shipping and email addresses. If it is misspoken or written down wrong, the order will return or with the email and phone number - we can't contact the customer. In the United States we have many dialects. Many times it can be difficult to understand some (not many - but some).

This takes us to the second reason no phone orders - efficiency. What enables us to have good pricing is good old American efficiency and mass production. To illustrate, imagine someone calls in a $5 order. But we find out the credit card number given was inaccurate (or rejected). After calling back, we run the card again with the same response. Now, the $5 order has taken 30 minutes of employee time - but still no order. On the other hand, when placing an order online, the card number - for instance is verified the exact moment you order. If it off by a number, the customer is prompted to correct.

This takes us to the 3rd and most important reason - security. Usually we don't handle any credit card numbers. The only person that "sees" your number is the customer that types it in. Everything else is all automated. In a sense, the customer is running their own card through a virtual credit card machine. This is much better for card security. We have no shop file that must be protected with a list of all our customers credit card numbers. In fact one of the things that bookkeeping likes so much is: reduced paperwork. When the order comes in, the card has already been charged and the money is in the bank.

This then ties all 3 points together: accuracy, efficiency, security.

Should you be worried about placing an order online with us? No.

We take every precaution to ensure all transactions are safe. The shopping cart system was selected because of its secure nature. In technical language, the shopping cart program is on a secured server using standard Internet PGP to encrypt information. This means that your information is turned into a secret code that outsiders do not have access to. All online transactions are secured by VeriSign. This means that even SignSpecialist.com and our employees do not access to your credit card information. This is much safer than giving your card to a waitress, gas station employee, or store clerk. Federal Law Protection Under the Fair Credit Billing Act protects all credit card purchases. In the unlikely event that your credit card information were stolen over the Internet or anywhere, your maximum liability is $50. If this happens during a transaction at SignSpecialist, and your credit card company holds you responsible for this amount ($50), SignSpecialist will give a credit for this amount.

If you have any questions let us know.

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