FAQ - What happens if I order the wrong size or color item? Can I get my money back?
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SignSpecialist Icon5 What happens if I order the wrong size or color item? Can I get my money back?

We strongly encourage you to give careful attention when placing your order. We strive to achieve fast turnaround on all orders. If you make a mistake, email us right away. We may be able to change your order before production begins. However, keep in mind, most orders mail out the same day ordered.

If your custom order is made, but then you realize something should have been different...this is very sad. We don't like to send out products that won't work - even if they are made how they were requested. On the other hand, we cannot absorb all mistakes.

What can we do? All that we can. This may mean a reduced price on sending out the corrected item.

So again, please pay careful attention when placing your order; and if you have any questions, let us know right away.

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