FAQ - What size sign should I get so people can see it going down the road?
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SignSpecialist Icon5 What size sign should I get so people can see it going down the road?

Good question. Over the years there have been several studies that tried to address this concern (i.e., are 5" letters visible from ____ feet). However, there are two many variables for a definitive answer. For instance, consider how these questions must be factored into an answer:

"How fast will the viewer be traveling?"
"At what angle will they approach the sign (is the road curved, is the sign angled)?"
"What will be the contrast colors of the sign (i.e., black on white, pink on green, etc..)?"
"How much copy will be presented on the sign? (A small word on a large negative space will draw the attention to that word, however, many lines of the same sized copy with no negative space and the viewer will not even focus or attempt to read.)"

These are just a few of the questions that must be considered. Our recommendation, after addressing this concern many times is: "as big as you can get (considering budget and space available for the sign)" since it appears most wish later they had gone "a little bigger". Also, try not to focus on the size of the letters, but the size of the sign (__"x__" sign) and then make your copy fit nicely in that space.

So take a tape measure and figure what will work in the space you have and let us know the size you figure and we should be able to help more from there.

If you have any questions let us know.

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