Vinyl Lettering, Graphic, and Decal Installation Instructions
We HIGHLY recommend a surface temperature between 55 to 80 degrees. If possible, the surface should be inside and away from the elements.  While the installation is easy, it is one shot.  Take your time! Think things through.  Improper installation is not covered under your warranty.
1. Clean surface with denatured alcohol.  Remove all traces of dust, dirt, soap, and grease.  Make sure the surface is dry. 
Note: RainX and other similar products are the most common cause of a failed installation.  A strong citric cleaner should be used followed by denatured alchohol if such chemicals are possibly on the intended surface.
2.  First, it is a good idea to squeegee over the entire graphic to reinforce the tac of the premask that may have lessened during shipping.  Next, attach the vinyl graphic to the surface with two pieces of masking tape (4 pieces, if the graphic is large).  Do not remove the paper backing at this time.  Measure the graphic and adjust it to the proper position.
3. Apply a vertical strip of masking tape over the center of the graphic.
4.  Fold the graphic back on top of itself, so that the pre-mask and pre-mask are touching.  Peel the wax paper off of the graphic and pre-mask (exposing the backside and adhesive), and cut the paper backing as shown.  Then discard the cut piece of paper.
5. Flip the masking and vinyl back and hold it up so it does not touch the surface.  Now you are ready to 'squeegee' down the vinyl.   While holding the end of the vinyl up, start to squeegee from the middle in an up and down motion.  Slowly advance to the right in 1/2" steps until you reach the end.  Use moderate pressure. 
Before squeggeeing but after exposing the adhesive, you can use a squirt bottle with water and a couple of drops "Joy" , "Dawn", or Baby Shampoo in the bottle to mist slightly the adhesive (do not get the wax-paper backing wet). This is especially a good idea if your graphic is a layered two color decal.  Then, if because of the heat or 'bad squeegee technique', you have bubbles, they can then be pushed out easily.  DO NOT use Windex for this (it will 'eat' at the adhesive).
6.  Remove the strips of tape, and peel off the rest of the backing paper.  Now squeegee down the left side while holding up the vinyl.  Again, a mist of water solution may be applied to the back of the vinyl.
7. Slowly peel off the masking from the surface and the graphic.  Be careful that the graphic does not peel off with the masking.  If it does, squeegee it back, and continue to peel off the masking.  If the water solution was used, you may want to wait a while before removing the mask.   Congratulations!  Your Done (be gentle with the graphics for the first 2 days {ex-car washes}  until they have had a chance to bond to the surface fully)
If you have any questions email and ask for Toby.  I'll be glad to help.
Email us a picture and get 10% off future purchases!  Go find your digital camera :)