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Transportation and Advertising Today
Truck Lettering and Advertising is still a viable option in the day and age of technology. The American Trucking Association reports that 31.4 Million trucks were registered and used for business purposes in 2014, with more than 279 Billion miles driven. As of May 2015, there were over 891,000 private carriers delivery cartage on the roads in the United States alone. That is a lot of real estate covered, which translates to endless advertising opportunites.
Why Advertise on your Truck?
  • Affordable: Starting at just $60, a truck lettering package is the best investment you can make in advertising your transportation business. You essentially become a rolling billboard.
  • Reach And Accesibility: According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 3 TRILLION miles were driven on the road in 2016. That means that alot of people are spending time in their vehicles, and so the view of a truck outside of their window is important.
  • Maintenance free and Long Lasting: The material we use in all of our lettering and decal applications is made of high performance cast and calendared PVC vinyls, with a UV barrier applied to resist fading and peeling from exposure to sunlight and weather. We guarantee our lettering for 7 years.

Design and Application Options are Endless
At Sign Specialist, we have many different styles of lettering and decals to choose from. Simply search our site for something you are interested in (check out our graphics library here), or shoot us an email with any questions. We also are more than happy to make an existing logo that you already have. And, the best part, we design for free!