Information on Required Decals for Trucks

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USDOT Decal Requirements

USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) requires a US DOT Number be applied to each side of all Commercial Vehicles (Any trucks exceeding 10,001 pounds) that is readable from 50 feet (2" tall in a contrasting color) and in a readable copy or font.  The Decal or Sticker must be applied to the vehicle (ie - not trailer or fuel tank covers or other removable parts) and permanently attached (not magnetic or paper duct taped to the door).

Other "Required" Decal Numbers

Also many Commercial Vehicles have other important numbers that they are required to apply as a decal or sticker to each side of their Commercial Vehicle. These "Numbers" include KYU Numbers (Kentucky per mile tax), ICC Numbers (Interstate Authority ),  MC Numbers (Motor Carrier Authority) EW Numbers (Empty Weight) and/or GW Numbers (Gross Weight) and each individual truck's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) plus several other unique state numbers

What to put on each line if you don't have 6 regulation numbers?

1.  Many use the first two lines for (1) Leased to: and (2) Company Name.  But here are some other ideas.

2.  If you travel Colorado or California, we highly recommend installing the last 8 numbers/letters of your VIN  (Vehicle Identification Number) since, if you do not have the VIN visible from the scale house, you will be pulled inside -- ugh.  It's not worth the trouble - make sure your V.I.N. decal is on your truck. 

3.  Also don't forget about your weight limit decal: GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), GCWR  (gross combination weight rating), GVW (gross vehicle weight)

Decal Debate among Truckers and Officers?

There is some debate among truckers and officers about which numbers need to be applied to your truck with some saying KYU, ICC, MC numbers are no longer required.  What is the answer? We wish we knew and we really don't think there is a definite answer since it depends on who pulls you over!  So many are confident they have it figured it out - but many with conflicting theories.  Some err on the side of caution and put every number they can on their truck.  The reasoning is, 'why give them a reason to pull me over'.  Others, who feel a bunch of numbers clutter up their truck, get by with the 'basics'.  Give the answer careful thought and start creating right now with our US Dot Truck Numbers Design Center.