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Welcome to the Online Order Status Page!

It's easy to check the status of any order. Simply enter your Order Number and email and click GO. Your Order Number appears in the confirmation e-mail you received after placing your order. Your order's status is updated daily. Information concerning your order can be reviewed as soon as 15-30 minutes after your order has been placed, but may not be retrievable if a problem occurred during processing. If more than one hour after you have ordered and you can not logon and you have double checked you are entering your Order Number and Email correctly, please email us at mail@signspecialist.com.

Because of problematic nature of some customer's email programs and email filters, updates or questions about an order should be checked here. If you have any questions after viewing your order's status, please, email us at mail@signspecialist.com.

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Your order has been successfully received. You order has not been reviewed or started by the SignSpecialist.com team. If you have any questions about your order, please email us right away. When emailing be sure to include your Customer Number along with any questions or changes you have to your order. Major changes that would include a change in pricing may cause your order to be voided and a reorder link emailed. This is to insure both quality and accuracy. However, if you have a change, we will try, if possible, to catch your order before production begins. When will the order status change? Usually very quickly! Most orders progress from Pending to In Progress and then Completed within a few working hours. Currently all orders (unless a backordered item) mail within 2 working days.


Your order has been printed out and reviewed by the SignSpecialist.com team. Unless your order is backordered or out off stock on an off the shelf item, your order will usually mail within 24 hours (unless printed and reviewed on the weekend). Custom work, including most signs, lettering, decals, and stripe graphics are custom made and the materials for these orders are always in stock and will usually mail very soon after your order has been listed In Progress.


Your order has been completed and shipped.  How was your order shipped?  Usually the way requested and paid for on your online order form.  However, from time to time, at our discretion, your shipping method may be upgraded at no additional cost to you.  For instance, regular postal mail may be upped to Priority Mail or even FedEx Express or FedEx Overnight.  If you package mails regular postal mail or Priority Mail you will receive an automated email with tracking information.  If you did not receive this email, please, first check your email filter or junk email box before contacting.  If your package was shipped FedEx or UPS you may not receive an automated tracking email and because of heavy work load, we may not be able to lookup your tracking information by the time your order arrives to you.  But, if this is the case, your order will arrive shortly.


Your order has been put on hold.  Why?  Either waiting for your final approval on custom design work or your pre-made off the shelf item (CamoClad, Image Quest, FasGraphics, GlassScape, Auto Trim Express) has been backordered.  If your order has been put on hold and email has been sent to you regarding the matter.  If you did not receive your email check your email filters and your junk email before contacting us.  Also, any information emailed will be included here with your orders status.  If your order is on hold be sure to contact us right away so we can complete your order.  Please be sure to contact us right away to avoid your order from being voided.