Installation Instructions for Graphic Stripes
Follow these Installation instructions as a guide for installing all of our custom designed graphic stripes, our premade stripes, and the striping that you can design yourself and within 30 minutes you'll be done. These instructions are also helpful for all Image Quest, Auto Trim Express, and "Fas Graphics", Flame Graphics, and Semi Stripes and Graphics.

Materials Needed for Side Graphic / Stripe Installation

  • Small cutting knife or razor blade. (an Exacto Knife is ideal for the job)
  • A Spray bottle filled with a mixture of dish soap and water. The mixture ratio is; 3 drops of soap to 1 pint of water
  • Plastic Squeegee (supplied)
  • Dry Towel
  • 2" Roll of Masking Tape 

(Click on pictures for a larger image)

See, nothing to it. Take your time and within a few minutes you will have your side graphics installed. Ready?