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Vinyl Lettering and Decals count as Infrastructure Improvements? Either way, our small family business is ready to help with any development with Discount Code 'Recovery'. For a time there was some raw material shortages but we are now fully stocked, staffed and ready to ship fast.

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While Living in scenic Lee County, NC is delightful, its rural environment can be challenging economically.  This, in the end, has helped us at SignSpecialist in 4 ways.
1.  Every Customer is needed!  Whatever the Project (Sign, Lettering, Striping, Graphics, or Decals) we meet the need!
2. We understand the concerns over budget and price, and work hard to keep prices low!
3. Lower cost-of-living means lower overhead & greater appreciation for your business
4. We live by our Reputation.  In a small town the customer must be satisfied and we approach all of our business with that desire.

About Us

SignSpecialist is a family owned & operated business by Toby and Valerie Adams.  For years their children Jacob, David, and Deanna have been active working in production and design. Also Toby's sister, Kathy, oversees most customer concerns and design work. The business was established in 1994, & has quickly grown into a "do everything sign shop."  And with just cause. 

Toby is a native of North Carolina & the son of a sign painter & striper Ron Adams of Classic Services.  Toby has been in the business since 1985.  Toby & his family, are skilled in design layout, logo design, sign painting, & sign construction.

Together - Our Family of designers & builders - can meet the challenge of your sign needs.  And are ready to do so!

SignSpecialist Stimulus

For a time there were raw material shortages affecting your industry. But, our Small Family Business is now vaccinated and fully prepared for any supply chain issues by overstocking all materials for what looks like Covid's End. As of most orders are still shipping within one work day.

Recovery Discount: For a limited time, 10% off all orders with Discount Code "Recovery".

Design Advantage

Our Design Advantage where we create for you

Use us as your Design Team at no extra charge. (Size, type of sign, and # of colors affect price -- not design)

Our Motto:

Your Sign is a reflection of your business and OURS.  We want you to look good so we will too!

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