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This is the first place to look!  More than likely someone else has also wondered about the same thing.  Find out the answer right now.  Save time!  Why wait?  Focus your attention on our F.A.Q. section and find what you need.

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Can you do this?  How hard is it?  How does this work?  Can I....?  Find out.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Watch us do it with our online videos and pictures.  Instructions and How to Apply below

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Do you have something in mind that's not online?  Want something made custom?  Need a quote?  Request-A-Quote below.  Be sure to follow the instructions listed.

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  Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Icon Our "Frequently Asked Questions" section is divided into 7 common question categories. Take the time to look the questions over. No doubt you will find what you are looking for. Not sure in which category you will find your question? Let us search for you!

Instructions - How to Apply

General Instruction How to Apply Icon

Visit our General Decal Installation Instructions page.  By far our most online detailed instruction page. Even if you have a windshield graphic or stripe or windshield visor, visiting this page is worth the time.  And is a must for decal installation and first time installers.  A Picture really is worth a thousand words.  What comprises a decal?  What is the background 'color'? Can I do this? And so many more questions are answered by these detailed instructions.

Windshield Banner Instruction How to Apply Icon

The ever popular Windshield Sun-Visor Strip.  But we noticed that many of our customers were having problems with this installation.  This install should take just a few minutes.  And it does!  So, we created the Windshield Sun-Visor Strip Installation Guide.  Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully and you will be surprised how quick you are done.

Side Stripe Instruction How to Apply Icon

Nothing seems to strike fear into a car modifier like the thought of tackling their first Graphic Stripe Installation Job.  But never-to-fear the 'Installation Instructions For Graphic Stripes' are here!  No - really, follow these instructions and join the thousands of 'first time installers' who've had success installing Graphic Stripes on their ride.

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Lettering / Decal / Stripe Application Kit - 12.50 Custom Kit includes:1 -  Deluxe Squeegee, 1 - Snap knife 1- Instruction Video, and 1 - 8 oz bottle of Sure Glide application fluid. Sure Glide contains an exclusive adhesive activator, which sets the vinyl adhesive and speeds drying time. The special fluid also helps eliminate unwanted bubbles. Highly Recommended! Most projects need just one bottle of application fluid.

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First, let us know who you are - name, address, email, etc..  Please be sure to double check your email. Please also list the specific characteristics you would like to see on your project as well as colors of various elements and/or text. 

Be sure to give us, at least, a general size and number of colors, since these are the main variables in figuring your price quote.  If available, attach any files or pictures you have of your idea.  A picture really is worth a thousand words! 

Submit "Request-A-Quote" and we will contact you within 2 work days.  Price, design ideas, and layouts can then be E-mailed for your approval.

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