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                   Questions About Lettering
                           How can I get a custom lettering size?
                           Can you make the custom lettering in smaller sizes (like 1/2")?
                           Can I get my lettering in some other color than what is listed, like pink?
                           Will the lettering harm my painted surfaces of my vehicle?
                           Can I get lettering cut in reverse or 'mirror' cut?
                           Can I get my lettering in chrome?
                           Will your decal lettering stick to interior panels of a car?
                           What color is your RED (or your other colors)?
                           On your online renderings for lettering, what is the background color?
                           Will the letters adhere strongly? Why 'mist' the back with water?
                           How long does your vinyl last?
                           Can the vinyl be used on painted sheetrock?
                           The lettering kept sticking to the paper backing. What should I do?
                           Do you spray the back of the decal or the surface? I'm confused!
                           Does your lettering stick to vinyl wheel covers?
                           How difficult is it to remove the decal?
                           Can your vinyl lettering be clear coated or painted? If so, what is the procedure?
                           Is it OK for my windshield wipers to hit the decal?
                           Can I get lettering to fit the curve of your windshield?
                           Can I put your lettering on painted wood?
                           I got bubbles in my lettering, what should I do?
                           Are these individual letters?
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