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Installation Guarantee
Installation Guarantee of Our Vinyl Lettering

"We guarantee you will be able to install our Vinyl Lettering yourself"

We're so sure our vinyl lettering is easy to install, if you mess up, we'll reship your lettering again... FREE. Why do we do this? While it is true some folks may abuse this and just try to get extra decals for free, most folks don't try this. For the fast majority, this extra little assurance is just the motivation they need to give this a try. Mess-ups are just that rare.

That being said, please follow the instructions carefully. Take a few minutes to go over the instructions. Take your time.... don't rush, and in a few minutes you'll be done... and proud of yourself!

Warranty Information
Warranty Information on Our Vinyl Lettering

"Our vinyl lettering has superior long-term durability"

CRACKING AND ADHESION : warranties our vinyl lettering not to split, crack, peel up or fall off for at least 7 years outdoors (vertical installation).

IMAGE FADING: warranties our printed multi-color vinyl lettering not to fade for at least 5 years outdoors (vertical installation).

We use Large Format Vinyl Printers / Die Cutters and Lamination for all of our printed vinyl lettering. Our Inks are non-toxic, UV resistant Eco Solvent pigment that are heated and laminated for the longest lasting application possible.

Some ink fading, as a result of sunlight exposure and aging, is inevitable as time passes. Our vinyl prints typically last 5 years or more outdoors before ANY fading.

5-YEAR FULL REPLACEMENT FADING WARRANTY:  will send you a free replacement for any vinyl lettering that fades within 5 years of when you purchased vinyl lettering.

7-YEAR FULL REPLACEMENT ADHESION OR CRACKING WARRANTY:  will send you a free replacement for any vinyl lettering that cracks or fails to adhere within 7 years of when you purchased our vinyl lettering.

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