West Virginia Boat Registration Decal Information

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Before you head to the water, two things you need to do to be legal in West Virginia.

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Excerpt from West Virginia Boat Regulations:

1. The number awarded, exactly as shown on the certiſ cate of numerals shall be painted on, or attached to, each side of the bow of the vessel for which it was issued.

2. The numerals shall be placed on each side of the forward half of the vessel in such position as to provide clear legibility for identiſ cation. The numerals shall read from left to right and shall be in block characters of good proportion not less than three inches in height. The numerals shall be of a color which will contrast with the background, and so maintained as to be clearly visible and legible; i.e., dark numerals on a light background or light numerals on a dark background.

3. The commissioner will furnish to all applicants two (2) decals bearing the numbers of the year of expiration, which will establish valid registration. The decals are to be displayed on each side of the boat (within 6 inches) immediately following the assigned West Virginia number.

 West Virginia Registration Numbers Specifications

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